InstaOke! Allows you to sing karaoke with a friend anywhere, Choose a favorite karaoke song and let the party start!

What the app does

  • InstaOke! allows you to pull a song from the web, simply use a URL that has a video with the song, some more advance singers can use videos without lyrics.
  • If someone has already chosen a song, you can easily join in on the fun

Technologies and tools used

  • TokBox: This is the meat off the app, allowing two people to watch the same video at the same time and sing a karaoke rendition together. We hit some issues with the Tokbox API that caused us to pair down our idea into something more managable. Being able to sing with someone whereever was the most import part!
  • FireBase: We are using the Firebase API to keep track of the users state, telling the app when to communicate to the player and to tokBox.
  • JWPlayer: The JwPlayer is what Controls Video that you are playing for your friends to sing with, the Player waits for both people to be in the room and then begins... so the fun can begin.

Team Members

Michael Angelo

Xiran Ou

Built With

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