Thieves once attacked a supermarket in my Town, although caught on CCTV, the were not successfully identified. This inspired me to work on a project which can help security agents get notified, once something like this happens

What it does

This project helps people and organizations with CCTV cameras take quick decisions automatically depending on what the Camera sees.

How I built it

In this project, we shall use Facebook's PyTorch,, Messenger Platform, ReactJs and Docusaurus to train and save a deep learning model which does Video Captioning, to extract sound from a video footage, signal in case of necessity to security or any person who may be of help and do a demo app using ONNX.js and document a library which we shall develop and which will permit other developers easily use their own data and achieve great results!!!

Challenges I ran into

Working on this project while having so much work at my office to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working on a project which will help other developers get hands on experience on technologies I master, eventually will use them solve problems which actually matter

What I learned

I Have learned hour to write tutorials on GitHub, using the Markdown format

What's next for InstantReact

Working with more developers and making a better product

Built With

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