In 2011, workplace injuries and illnesses amounted to $55.4 Billion in direct U.S. workers compensation costs not including fatalities and work loss. Every day there are more than 12 deaths from work injuries, illness or accidents in the U.S.

Instant Reporting App is quick, simple and incredibly powerful app that will help companies and organizations with on-the-scene reporting of incidents, workplace injuries and threats by capturing accurate incident data in real-time. The App provides one-button access and the opportunity to send out to all necessary parties and emergency personnel photos, video and/or audio recordings immediately for incident assistance and step-by-step guidance through information gathering process to ensure that no critical information or evidence is missed while waiting for the rapid response team. This will assist the employees in better procedures, protocols and prevent unnecessary actions quickly. The data sent to the company managers and rapid response team members will give more enhanced reports that will give the risk management team more information to improve on assistance, monitor and analysis of the incidents and near-misses that lead to accidents. To prevent injuries and to save lives should drive continual improvement across all departments and areas of the company/organization.

The Instant Reporting App has a one-click button to call to direct manager to guide the employee to report through the key steps required to gather accurate and timely information. The employee can create their own reporting event notes, alert managers, manage data and/or report anonymously (workplace harassment, close calls, hazards, threats, etc.) and choose what information they want to collect using a secure password protected admin area. Adding photographic evidence using their built in camera, pin point exact location with GPS mapping service and date/time record.

In addition, it continues to work off-line when there are no reception and syncs up without any alterations to the evidence when reception becomes available. It combines with the latest in cloud & mobile technology to deliver the most innovative emergency reporting, alert notification, management & real-time incident assistance.

To effectively prevent and manage safety and workplace injuries, it is extremely important to document and report incidents in the work place as soon as they happen. Collecting data as much evidence as possible is critical for reporting and investigation for the company/organization. Recording the incident as it happens will give more comprehensive details to will give better information and better rapid response.

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