We develop mobile applications to make it easier for users to search MEDLINE publications. Mobile users face two challenges: (1) The devices have a limited interface, making typing hard and error prone; (2) Many keywords in the medical domain are hard to spell and pronounce. Using our state-of-art technologies, we address these problems by supporting both instant search and error-tolerant search. Using instant search, we can find relevant results as a user types in a keyword character by character. Using fuzzy search, we can find results even if there are typos in the search keywords. These powerful features help mobile users find MEDLINE results more easily.  As other applications in this domain, we also support useful features such as allowing users to see the details of an article, add comments to an article, and send interesting articles by email. We have deployed an application at Apple Store, and we will keep improving its UI and functionality.  We will also release our application for Android phones in the future.

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