Instant Chat App 💬

This is a chat application which can be used in any browser. It can have unlimited numbers of group members. Use it to send messages to your peers! Built with Node.js and Express.js. This app uses sockets to send and receive messages to and from the server.

Inspiration 💡

I wanted to create a privacy centric chat application. As you already know, our chats on most of the applications use our chats to show us personalized ads. So I wanted to create something which doesn't store any data from my users. This application's data should be deleted as the members leave the chat.

How we built it 🛠

This was my first application which I built while learning Back-end development. I used Node.js for its application environment. I used Express.js for the application framework of the application. Express is helpful for synchronizing frontend and backend parts of the web application. Also, I used websocket for emitting and receiving the messages from multiple users.

Challenges we ran into 🤒

The biggest challenge was to learn websockets, which is a very large, bidirectional communication protocol. I had to dive deep down in the docs of Also, rendering new messages to the interface was a very big challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😍

I am really happy that I could make this application in less than 2 days.

What we learned 📚

I learnt a lot of Backend development and different technologies. I have now learnt Node.js, Express.js and websockets. I can now use these newly learnt technologies to create more amazing and interesting applications.

What's next for Instant Chat Application 🙌

Adding support for images is the next step in this application. Also, improving the UI and UX of this application is another thing which I'll be working on.

How to use this? 🤔

  1. Clone this repository in your local environment by the following command:
    git clone

  2. Use NPM (Node Package Manager) to install dependencies for this project.
    npm install

  3. Now use Node.js to start the chat application:
    node server.js

  4. Go to localhost:3000 on your browser. Ask your friends to also do the same. If you dont have friends, you can also open the same link in multiple tabs.

  5. Now enter your Nickname in the box and send messages to each other. You can see that your friend's message will be updated in your browser.

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