A React-JS app built with React-Native, Expo and Google Cloud libraries.

What is it?

  • An experiment in using Google Cloud Services and optical processing
  • The idea is to have an app that can take pictures of notes on a board/screen, then generate a text file of the writing detected in the image
  • The option to export these text files to Google Drive


  • Integrate the image processing tool into the main app
  • Display a gallery of pictures taken through the app
  • Display a list of text files generated by the app
  • Add a tutorial on the Home Screen swiper interface


  • Tested Google Cloud's API for image processing, proven successful to generate text files based on supplied images
  • Added a basic Camera tab to the main app, this is where pictures can be taken and are saved
  • Added swiper interface on Home screen

Build/Library Dependencies

$ npm install react-native
$ npm install expo-cli -global
$ npm install react-swipeable-tabs --save
$ npm install react-native-swiper
  • Some of these require peer dependencies that npm will not automatically install
  • Run: $ npm audit fix to display these peer dependencies


  • First install all the dependencies within the app directory
  • Connect Android or IOS device to the computer using a USB cable(Make sure to have developer options on)
  • Run $ expo start within the app directory
  • A preview of the app will pop-up on the device's screen


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