We always had questions about my work, that people I know in real life can't answer. That's why we designed Instancer, for people to ask their questions to everybody, and receive answers immediately.

What it does

People shoot questions about any topic and others who know a high amount of the question's topic can answer it.

How I built it

We used javascript for the most part. We also used a tiny bit of java for the mobile platform. It is only available for Discord, a chatting platform, but will also be made as an individual website and mobile app.

Challenges I ran into

Trying to make servers accessible to everybody, and programming it as a whole.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made the basics of the project. Our idea is pretty much mapped and set to finish being built.

What I learned

Projects take a long time, and that patience is essential to progress.

What's next for Instancer

Once development is done for Instancer for Discord, then we intend to make an app for Instancer, so anybody can download it on their phone without the need for Discord.

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