We think Instance is pretty awesome, and you should too. While a metric buttload of event planning apps exist, they all suck. Yes, all of them.

Here's why:

  • They prioritize all the generic content and stuff you don't care about.
  • They don't encourage user interactivity. They make it difficult, if not impossible, for users to share exciting things and explore together.
  • They're ugly. Ugly things suck.

So what makes Instance different? - People like you and me can post awesome things to interactive, user-curated streams. You, the user, are a painter and Instance is your canvas. Your posts matter. Your interactions matter. You matter. - Proximity and "trendy" based results help you discover new events in your area. It's like a personal calendar full of fun things to do. - The interface is b-e-a-utiful. Seriously, we worked hard to make it good.
We hope you enjoy using Instance as much as we enjoyed making it. You may hate it but goshdarn we're proud of it.

App Description

Instance is a proximity-based mobile app that curates photos for events. Through Instance, you can interact directly with Nearby or Trending events. Photos are displayed as a media stream; 3 seconds for each photo. See a photo you love? "heart"� it in the photo stream! Wanna join in the fun? Take a photo, and add to an event near you!

Instance gets you up to speed on what's going on around you and beyond. Discover the world. Share Your Memories. Relive the Experience.


  • View Nearby events photo stream
  • View Trending events photo stream
  • Add photos to events
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Engage with the Instance community by liking favorite photos
  • And much more

Why did we build this?

This project was codenamed Derek Jeter. Why? You may ask. We were having a conversation over lunch about Derek Jeter's final home game, and thought: wouldn't it be a cool if there'd be a photo album showcasing how electrifying that game was? A photo album made by everyone, with each coming from a unique perspective. The happy fans, the walk-off homerun, the teary-eyed fan, the selfies, the away team, and so much more. Then years from now, we could all go back and look at the photos again, relive the experience all over again.

Imagine if we could have that for every event? The Superbowl, Jason Mraz concert, prom, community cookout, or hackGT.

That is how Instance was conceived. With Instance, you'll able to discover both nearby and trending events in real time, share photos to events, and look through event albums populated with photos by you and other Instance users.

Simply put: Discover the world. Share Memories. Relive the Experience. This is what drives us, and this is why we built Instance!

Target user

  • Everyone goes to one type of event or the other, and this is one of the things that makes Instance so awesome! Instance is for everyone. You've got a smart phone? Join us!

What key features are you most proud of?

  • We built a fully functioning native Android app
  • Nearby and trending events photo stream
  • Proximity-based events
  • Trending events based on popularity based on number of posts, likes, and user views
  • Users can engage with the app without sign up/login. Login is only required to create events, share content, and like photos

Download our app and checkout current events like: Instance is Born, #hackGT, #napGT, and much more!

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