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InstaMusicBox helps you to generate 3D models from any music. And the model file is 3D printable.

The story

It's a new year time, we always have a hard time to prepare gifts. Today, we give you a solution. 3D Printed his/her favourite music and get a highly customized music box! We are the first app in the world that can convert a song to 3D music box 3D geometry. The target users can be anyone who are music fans or considering a gift to give. The hardest points are generating the 3d geometry without any help from 3rd-party CAD software from scratch. And to control and analyze the midi file is also tricky. Generally, a music box contains 88 combs and 1000~2000 pins for every piece of music - we are hacking this for you.   


Our team is highly interdisciplinary.

Han Chen is from McGill university, a master student with strong CAD/CAM,  mechanical engineering and 3D printing technology background. When he was 17, he got the first prize of Chinese national informatics olympic games. Until now, he published more than 4 papers in journal of CAD, Rapid Prototyping, IEEE and ASME conference. He is a master in 3D printing, CAD and graphics.

Yixing Jiang is a Master's student at University of Michigan majoring in Computer Science. He is a Graduate Student Instructor for web dev and database courses at Umich. He is also an incoming Facebook intern. He worked on front-end design in this project.


App Type: Web APP

Support: Chrome ( perfect ), Safari, Firefox. (Must support WebGL)

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android (Chrome), iOS 8 +(Safari)

Target Market: Gift, Souvenir, Music Fan

Key Words: Music Box, 3D Printing, WebGL, MIDI.js

Key Features: Based on the midi file, this app can convert the corresponding note to a note pin position in a cylinder type music box. The playing process can be animated and simulated just in the browser! Finally, a .STL 3D file can be generated for user to 3D print their own unique customized music box. It's a perfect dream and life recorder and fancy gift.


1815, the first music box

was born in Switzerland. For most of the 19th century, the bulk of music box production was concentrated in Switzerland, building upon a strong watchmaking tradition. They were usually built for the affluent of the pre-phonograph 19th century.

1870, the interchangeable music box

was invented by a German inventor. He created a music box with discs, therefore allowing an easier and more frequent change of tunes. However, the music choices were still limited and the processes were still complicated and took long time to build.

Today, your own music box

can be built by this app we build. By means of the cutting-edge web technologies, such as HTML5, WebGL and MIDI.js, and 3D Printing technology, this web app can convert your favourite song to a music box 3D STL model and finally you can print it out to build your unique music box instantly.

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