Inspiration is the fastest way to install anything in under 20 seconds for your mac.. You check all the software you want we auto-generate one line of code to run in your command line. It is inspired by the pain we all have of configuring a new computer. Piggybacking off some gorgeous (realistically, pretty ugly) shell scripting, it uses brew cask to find all the available.

How it works

Search all the software you want, check all the boxes, and we generate a one line of code to install everything.

Challenges I ran into

Shell scripting is a nightmare but makes you feel like a real "to-the-metal" hacker.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting it work realistically, isn't that what everyone is proud of?

What I learned

React.js can be evil.

What's next for Installr

The Mac App, and building the open source of app store which runs on linux, windows, and mac.

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