An Instagram for educators and learners. Built for ElleHacks 2019.

HitCount contributions welcome License: MIT


As millennials, we learn Math, Science, History and pretty much most things from online sources like YouTube, Khan Academy, Udemy, Coursera, etc. However, we noticed that these videos tend to be super long and we often lack the attention span to absorb the information.


We wanted to make learning more fun and accessible. Since we spend so much of our time on Instagram, we thought of using Instagram's addictive user experience to make learning more fun. That is how InstaLearn was born.


Can we monetize our solution to this problem? That is the question we wanted to answer with this survey.

How we built it

We built the backend and frontend using Android Studio and Java. We used InVision to create the logo and other original assets used in this app. We did not use any Instagram API to build this - we tried to recreate as much of the UI as we could.

What's next

Integrate full functionality into the app and release it to the market

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