Finding a doctor to take care of your medical problems can be a hassle. Specialists are often quite niche and can be difficult to find without a referral from a friend, to even be aware their practice is in the area. InstaHealth aims to simplify this arduous task. Allowing you to search by specialty and locality, a user can easily locate a physician in their area, describe their medical issue, and schedule an appointment.

InstaHealth also allows you to talk to your physician and communicate your problem before you even walk in the door. Your doctor will know exactly what problem you have - no need to describe it to them repeatedly.

Medical hassle doesn't stop at the discovery phase. You walk into the office, check in on a clipboard or outdated computer system, or bother a receptionist. InstaHealth recognizes when you walk into a participating office and checks you in automatically.

Satisfied? Unhappy with your visit? Leave your physician a review for others to see. Leave feedback for them to improve, or help build a positive public image for their practice.

InstaHealth is the enterprise grade solution for the practical practitioner and ailing individual.

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