Being "green" is lacking in this world. With the prevalence of social media, why not use an already accessible tool to educate and share the green movement.

What it does

The app lists local green patch gardens around NYC, where you can visit and contribute to the community's garden. The user is able to post a pic of their garden experience to share with the world. The more pics and visits to these garden patches, the more points you gain to reach the maximum level - "Wise Tree"

How we built it

We used NYC's Open Data API listing garden patch locations around NYC. We also used Firebase to save user data and picture uploads which are used to populate the main functionality in our feed page. Our feed page includes a collection of user upload pics from different garden patches.

Challenges we ran into

Properly structuring the models for both the user and picture objects was a bit complicated to integrate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's uploading unto the cloud! Sorta!

What we learned

Get backend data working ASAP.

What's next for InstaGreen

We want to fully integrate the social aspect of this app by enabling a commenting/messaging feature, sharing feature through third party social media apps, and also a more robust data source of garden patches in other cities.

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