• One of the ways to get more likes and followers in instagram is by be social and follow other people and like their posts to get attention so they will do the same and like your posts and follow you too. So this script is an automation program open your instagram account and put a hashtag search query (#art, #design, #cooking, ...) and start to like posts that are relative to this hashtag and follow their owners. It's a good way to get more followers and likes and to save time too.

  • The script was written in Python using selenium library.

  • What do you need to run the script: [] Python 3.5.+ Interpreter [] Selenium library, you can install it with the command > pip3 install selenium [*] Google Chrome or FireFox browser and it drivers, you can download it here and you can get more inforamtions about setting up the selenium drivers.

  • How to run the script: [] Open the command line windows or linux and type >python3 [] You can open the project with PyCharm too.

  • Have fun.

  • © Copyright 2018 AMOKRANE Abdennour

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