Based on the popularity of Instagram, brainstorming relevant and popular hashtags is difficult. This does it automatically for you.

What it does

Given an image, it identifies tags given to the image, I narrow down the tags by relevancy, and I then parse Instagram's website to extract how many posts are given per tag. Based on this, I choose the top hashtags to include. Then, based on the most popular hashtag, I look at a website for the top quote for that tag, and use it as the "caption" for the image.

How I built it

With beautifulsoup, clarifai, and a JSON reader all written in python.

Challenges I ran into

The program runs very slow, and I did not have enough time to implement a thread. I wished to post to Instagram as well, but that is not allowed on PC, will maybe make an android app later.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to identify tags and reduce them based on relevancy and popularity.

What I learned

How to effectively extract data and tools for doing so.

What's next for Instagram Tag Generator

Start developing an android app to be able to post to Instagram.

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