In a world where people spend hours deciding on the perfect picture for Instagram, Instagram Ingenuity helps avid photographers quickly decide a remarkable photo to upload. For people who use photography as a livelihood, our product will greater boost their income due to choosing photos that will gain them the most popularity. Instagram Ingenuity allows people to divert their time to other aspects of their lives, as well as create an overall more aesthetic Instagram feed.

What it does

Instagram Ingenuity is a web app which allows users to upload their next potential photo for Instagram. It analyzes the photo and returns several variables: the contrast, the black-and-white level; theme (landscape, selfie, portrait, and other); the “Instagram Popularity Quotient” (IPQ); which ranks the photos’ potential popularity on a 1-5 scale based on the most popular images from Instagram. The IPQ helps you determine which photo would be most marketable for your feed.

How we built it

We built Instagram Ingenuity through Tensorflow, which is an open-source library for dataflow programming. It is used for machine learning, in which we fed it different photos with different IPQs so it learns the ratings of different photos. It also classifies the fed-in images based on black-and-white level, contrast, and theme (landscape, selfie, portrait, and other). We developed a frontend web-page with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, connected it to Python running the backend. Once people

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a challenge connecting the front-end and the back-end; essentially integrating the Python code of into the javascript of the webpage. It was also difficult to upload a picture file and display it through a website because computers restricts the display of the full file path through a browser due to security reasons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of writing and training four models and implementing Machine Learning for the first time. We are also satisfied with how the whole project came together.

What we learned

We learned a lot through developing the program, including using using tensorflow and further knowledge of web development. We also learned how to fuse these components together.

What's next for Instagram Ingenuity

In the future, we expect Instagram Ingenuity as a simple, quick, no-brainer app used by many Instagrammers. It will be used to evaluate photos for greatest viralbility. We will continue to update the app, its features, and make it for public release.

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