The communication skills needed to do everything from having a successful interview to giving a professional keynote speech are difficult and time consuming to develop, especially without risking personal and professional consequences. It takes time to become an effective communicator and making mistakes in these settings can result in anything from embarrassment to the loss of a business opportunity.

At InStage we're using virtual reality and artificial intelligence to accelerate communication skills development. InStage helps everyone from high school students to fortune 500 executives build confidence and skill in their ability to communicate by providing a service that gives them an opportunity to use a virtual reality (VR) headset to practice for difficult conversations in ultra-realistic environments (e.g. auditoriums, boardrooms, etc.) where they can make mistakes and learn from them in a safe place. We also provide objective data-driven feedback reports to each user with metrics including; eye contact percentage, pace, filler word count (e.g. “umm”, “ahh”, “like”), heart rate, and more.

To date we have conducted over 1000 user trials and are currently running paid pilot programs with four fortune 500 financial institutions in Toronto, ON. We are also working with a growing network of corporate training companies and educational institutions to add an experiential learning component to their programs.

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