UiPath is a great interface to work with, and it's capable of acting as a client when there are complex machine learning tasks done in the background

What it does

It returns flight details for a given image of a vacation spot even if the user doesn't know where the spot is located. I've chosen to have the user enter a URL manually, but this can easily be switched in UiPath to a file or a URL containing many images and automate the whole process

How I built it

UiPath Studio

Challenges I ran into

UiPath studio is only available for Windows, so I had to run it from within a Windows virtual machine on my Mac

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Discovering how to do things with UiPath and how the world of RPA reduces the amount of coding for automation significantly

What I learned

Using UiPath for different tasks and how to create and import custom packages into UiPath that adds even more functionality to already a rich system.

What's next for Instaflow

Add components that aids in batch processing of images and reporting on images.

Built With

  • uipath
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