We were inspired by problems in the health field. The visually impaired routinely suffer from visual challenges associated with recognition of people they know.

What it does

This app allows for easy recognition of faces using OpenCV. This essentially identitifies faces in a video feed and actively matches it to people in a contacts list. This is then sent to a Fitbit which notifies the wearer of the person's identity.

How I built it

We used OpenCV, python, flask and heroku to build it

Challenges I ran into

Experimenting with flask and heroku as well as the FitBit API were challenging

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of the progress we made in learning about new technologies and having the chance to tie them all together in a meaningful way.

What I learned

We learned about how we could utilize the FitBit SDK. It was really interesting to understand what kind of applications it has in the health space.

What's next for InstaFace

Expansion into other devices perhaps or increasing the our sensitivity on detection

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