Renting cars can be hassle for both parties when renters and owners have to meet up to exchange information and hand off keys. InstaCar solves this issue by removing the need for physical interaction & instead harnessing the ubiquity of technology to enhance usability & user experience on both ends.

What it does

InstaCar is the peer-to-peer car renting service of the future, which builds upon renting services currently on the market. Private owners can make money off their vehicles when they won't be needing them, and renters can get a car at a minute's notice. Additionally, car owners and renters no longer need to physically meet up in order to exchange information and vehicles. Instead, car owners can just register their vehicles on our app, and leave them wherever they want for local renters to pick up. Renters can search available cars to rent nearby and immediately start driving within minutes.

How we built it

We surrounded the main functionalities around the features of the Smartcar API and accordingly used Flask to create endpoints that interacted with the API. Our data was compiled in a Firebase database & we hosted our front end on AWS, with a minimalist, yet effective, design scheme.

What's next for InstaCar

This could be a potential business idea for us to finalize with hardware enhancements, verified payment services, and a couple other touch ups.

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