We are a team with the goal of providing cars to communters throughout the city. With the improvement of technology, users are acustomed to smooth and fast user experience. Traditional car rentals require specific car pickup and drop off point and lack the ability to track their fleet of cars.

Our application is designed to solve the issues plaguing the rental car industry in the following ways

  1. Locally parked cars throughout the city are discoverable on the app. This provides renters the convience of picking up and parking in more convient locations. Additionally, this tracking feature enables companies to track the current location of their vehicles.
  2. Instant Interac payment allows renters to pay for their vehicles on the application to help reduce the time to complete the transaction.
  3. The cars are locked and unlocked using your phone. This eliminates the need to carry keys since the security of the car is now transfered to your phone and keys can be lock up inside the car to ensure the "push-to-start" feature is still enabled. This provides additionally peace of mind to business owners.

Problems Encountered

Throughout the project, we've had numerous problems with the APIs we were using to accomplish our tasks. Interac's call back for completed transaction did not work by the morning of the demo and coupled with the rate limit, we were forced to use a manual query for transaction completions. In addition, we ran into numerous problems keeping a valid access code for Smart Car's API. We created a new endpoint to automatically renew tokens on the server to solve this issue.

What We're Proud Of

We are extreme proud of our use of the Interac and Smart Car API. They posed challenges and the usage of their resources warranted the effort.

What's Next

We want to develop an interface for car owners to track the location of their vehicles.

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