As my team sat down to discuss our academics and how busy our student lives were after one hectic day of university, someone joked about how paying others to do their household chores would be so useful. It'd also be a good money maker for us to do some chores and earn a few bucks on our free time too! Well, we turned that little joke into a reality with InstaBroom.

What it does

It connects customers directly with real people willing to give instant services based on location. It's plain and simple. Example: John wakes up in the morning and is reminded that if he doesn't mow his lawn today, he'll get a city order. John is also running late for an exam. John opens up Instabroom, types down lawn-mowing, selects lawn-mowing from the drop-down menu and viola! within minutes he's connected with someone within 500m radius whose ready to come to his house and do it for him while he writes his exams.

How I built it

We used Wix code to build the front and back end. Also incorporated the bing maps api along with lines and lines of javascript to tweak extra functionalities from the wix api docs.

Challenges I ran into

Getting individual member login to work, bing maps api, connecting them together in a web-app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to incorporate a number of features from Wix including using their easy-to-use platform to build our own database with a few clicks, sign-up's and sign-in's, clear navigation to different sections which shows the flow of the app.

What I learned

How to use Wix code, Javascript and a Database.

What's next for InstaBroom

Making InstaBroom the next big thing will take nothing but the will to do so. We believe that an app like this would be pretty amazing in the current market that would provide people with the opportunity for more work as well as help people who are very busy in their day-to-day lives ease their lives a little bit by relying on others. It's also a great platform to make new connections as anyone can sign up and work/help for someone. We also plan on integrating a social service button that allows someone to work for free for that specific task and promote the idea of Social Services to encourage the nation to help each other and be a big family.

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