The story of INSTABASH and story of our first hackathon event looks the same. You think how and why? Three person who, just met 3 months ago, and they decided let's explore hackathon event; at that time they don't had any idea,  what will they do at hackthon. Because most of hackthon are based on objective and goal, and here in the last hour we found there will be no goal, subject and technology just need coolness and unique.

What it does

INSTABASH, is like your personal event planner. With help of it you can explore nearest restaurants, bars, and varieties of cuisuiens.

How we built it

We built the app with using technologies like Java, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Mongodb and deply with Amazon Web Server.

Challenges we ran into

We found the challenges of google and Facebook API Integration, AWS Windows server 2016 domain hosting, name server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learn to work in zero supervision , A perfect start up environment in which we can work as a small team and come out with great ideas and Products.

What we learned : Team build up, Capability of Thinking out of box,

What's next for : new features of Food Search Engine, Auto generate Invite with API Integration

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