Have you ever wished to get more likes on Instagram? Have you ever felt terrible when your number of followers is lower than the number of following? Conquer the attention economy with this modern Terminator bot! Login, mass follow, mass like, and grow your follower base with this cheat code!

Many more people have put much of their emotions and social life on their internet presence. We hope to make people feel good and empower them to put their best face to the world by giving them the confidence to become overnight successes!

What it does

Our proprietary software is the cheat code every influencer wants their hands on. Our first bot, miles_of_smiles_999, will automatically follow and like posts throughout the day, spreading smiles throughout the universe!

How we built it

We used selenium on top of chromedriver, to automate our bot's actions. We wrote in Python.

Challenges we ran into

At a certain point, the bot ran into the same posts that it liked and toggled the button, turning the like off. We had to find the needle (an attribute called aria-label in a tiny web element) in the haystack of HTML to detect the state of the button. Scrolling was also difficult but we finally made it work with a line of JavaScript.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We swam through the sea of HTML to find what we needed to get our bot clicking on the right things. We also figured out how to scroll and click in a human-like manner, and accept follow requests!

What we learned

We learned a lot about how selenium works and how to make bots. They're usually described as a force of evil but we're determined for them to do good.

What's next for insta_click

We're going to introduce even more features to make our likes and follows even more worthwhile. Features include uploading original, computer-generated text and even pictures!

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