Helping people that may have fallen at home where they either do not have anyone around to help or no one around that knows their medical history, current medications, allergies, etc.

What it does

It can detect if the user falls and if the user does not respond to prompts, it will unlock select medical records to first responders.

How we built it

Used the accelerometer of the Pebble watch to detect falls. Wrote the code for the Pebble watch in JavaScript, and then used Google Firebase as a database for the patients medical records. Used Node.js and Express.js as our server.

Challenges we ran into

Distinguishing normal motion from a fall using the Pebble watch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First time using JavaScript and Google Firebase for most of our team. First Hackathon where we were able to turn in a project.

What we learned

Learned the basics of Google Firebase.

What's next for Insta Record

Increase privacy, and make it faster to retrieve medical records. Also use our own hardware that would be better fitted for our mission.

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