I want to be able to know how much would it cost me to fly to a destination that I see in a web page that I'm browsing without leaving that page to visit flight booking websites

What it does

Insta Fare is a browser extension, once installed I can hover over any image on the page, and a search button will appear, I can then click the search button to get the best flight options to the place that's in the image, departing from the nearest airport.

How I built it

Using computer vision and machine learning, to get the location of of the place that appears in the image, to get nearest airport, APIs from Amadeus including Low-fare search API, and Flight Choice Prediction Artificial Intelligence API. Spring boot for the backend. The browser extension it self is JS, CSS and HTML

Challenges I ran into

The machine learning model need to be trained with more images to recognize more places. Also the dataset for flights and airports is the Amadeus dataset which does not include all possible flights from each airport

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Combining Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence to create the first frictionless way of finding flights from within any page that I'm browsing

What I learned

Artificial intelligence prediction is the way forward for travellers in terms of for helping sift through the many flights available to return the best flights

What's next for Insta fare

Amadeus APIs are rich with features, next is returning information about the destination from Destination Content API, points of interest. Add hotel results to the search

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