InspiredBy.tech is an interactive web app that explores the social impact that sustainable engineering can achieve. This experience guides users through different engineering exercises which uniquely tie in to an engineering discipline and opportunities for positive change. See it here http://www.inspiredby.tech/

How it Works

The web app runs 5 separate activities all developed from scratch in JavaScript. It uses html5, css, and bootstrap in order to make sure that it can be deployed on almost all web-based platforms. Each activity presents the user with task which, upon completion, solves the issue at hand and elaborates on information relevant to the activities’ themes. For example the Power the Homes challenge asks the user to complete a circuit in order to connect a wind turbine to a set of houses. Upon completion, the mini-game expands on the field of electrical engineering and its application in regards to renewable energy. Completing all the challenges included on InspiredBy will help perspective students decide which engineering field is the best-suited for their own personal interests.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenges we faced while developing InspiredBy was generating ideas for the activities. Finding the balance between simplicity and depth was key when deciding what challenges we would develop. Another challenge that was overcome was developing all of the activities from scratch. Implementing these puzzles were often quite difficult, as we were restricted to JavaScript which lacks some standard language specifications such as static typing and a strong object-oriented model.

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