People everywhere have different problems. In general and especially in corona times. I want to foster collaboration, so that mutual problem solving becomes the new normal.

What it does

Connect people around ideas and concepts to tackle problems while improving the methods and themselves along the way.

How I built it

I use a dolphin CMS, which is built with HTML and PHP. I added some 3rd party modules and changed a bit myself.

Challenges I ran into

Limitations of the modules. I "forgot" to promote the website and the design could be better.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That it is up and running. And hopefully it will be a tool that people will use and helps them in their lifes.

What I learned

To use photoshp, basic html and php. And that you have to keep on going.

What's next for Inspireants

Find supporter and users. Make it a place for problem solver and help others.

Built With

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