Whenever a patient is de-brief or discharged, they're usually given a large stack of papers. This is not only information overload but is difficult to find specific information when needed (you can't ask a binder questions) and it's not always on hand.

What it does

We have built a unified communication gateway for Health Care professionals for debriefing and follow-up care. It can send information in digestible pieces (in the form of PDFs, video links), prompt the patient for information (like asking how the patient is feeling, is there swelling? fever?). The system responds and follows a pre-defined workflow based on the patient's answers and can help nurses triage patients based on their responses. The patient can also ask questions via SMS (like when's my next appointment? I have a reaction to the medicine, what should I do?) and the system can answer based on it's defined knowledge base and notify a supervising professional. By using SMS the patient does not need to install any applications nor worry about having a data plan, and the health care professional does not need to worry about device compatibility.

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