Inspiration: I always have a difficult time coming up with ideas for hackathons so I had the idea to make others do it for me.

What it does: My project allows users who have an idea but not the expertise to act on it to submit those ideas for other users who may have the expertise but lack an idea for their project.

How I built it: I built my project using the Angular structural framework. This allowed me to easily create both the front end and the back end for my project and then connect them seamlessly.

Challenges I ran into: I had never used any of the technologies that I used in this project before. Everything I know about them was learned during this project. That in itself was a massive task because I needed to learn new languages, how to create a front end for an application, and Angular.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: At the beginning of this project I tightly followed tutorials and StackOverflow pages to figure out how anything worked. By the end of it I was able to write my code pretty much free of any assistance.

What I learned: Though this project I learned a lot. I learned the aforementioned technologies to a pretty staggering degree. I also learned the power of dependency injection in a project as well as the importance of separating data retrieval from the data manipulation.

What's next for Inspiration Station: I would like to implement an API into this project which would store all of the data used. This would allow for me to permanently add new data for users and allow for this project to become a real website that could actually help people.

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