Inspiration: I recently watched a show called Good Trouble, where one of the main characters is a software developer for a company. She works with a team of men who constantly make her feel as though she does not belong there, and she isn't getting any of the respect that she deserves. She’s also a victim of the insidious sexism that men don’t see. I thought of the idea to focus on women in the workplace because I wanted something that would inspire women to go going even in times of distress. So many different factors contribute to a women's stress levels including anxiety, feeling discouraged, reaching levels of frustration, and being uncomfortable. Thinking of that made us think of other factors that come into play such as mental health issues and sexual assault.

What it does: The user can click on how they are feeling, and then receive a quote of inspiration to motivate them to continue working hard. After we finished the code for the quotes, we decided to expand our code by involving other tabs such as Strategies to tackle different mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, and a tab discussing sexual assault.

How we built it: Since we are freshman taking our first coding classes, we only knew of a few ways to tackle this agenda. We created a Graphical User Interface through java programming in Net-beans since we recently discovered how to do so in our Introduction to Computer Programming course. We used incremental development by writing, compiling, and testing the different parts of the program separately and then combining it all into one code (a huge GUI!!) We included a home page and implemented a menu bar where the user can switch between and have access to the different tabs.

Challenges we ran into: There is a lot of things we wanted to do with this project but found difficultly with. We wanted to include a picture on the home page for a visual effect, but were never able to get it to appear when the GUI opened. After a few hours we decided to just go without it. Also, when we brought our codes together, there were a lot of errors we needed to take care of.

Accomplishments we're proud of: We're just proud of the fact that we were able to get it all done in time! This was our first hackathon so we weren't too sure of what to expect.

What we learned: Even though we covered GUI's in class, this project has taught so much about graphical user interfaces and the different methods and constructors that are needed in the program. Also we learned the importance of the brainstorming process.

What's next for WomenCare: We would like to create a WomenCare website that displays a new "quote of the day" every morning as a way of daily encouragement. Also, incorporate some discussion boards where women can motivate and interact with each other and also discuss different topics. We also think the discussion boards could sort of be a way for the women who have suffered from discrimination or sexism in the workplace to be able to share their story of how they overcame different obstacles. We would like to expand the sexual assault and mental illness pages with more important information women should be aware of, stories that should be known, and also contact services available for them.

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