Inspired by Olivia, a little girl who had serious cancer when she was 6 and went through all the treatment and survived. It expands on the idea of courage bracelets, where instead of each bead representing treatment, each animal represents the treatment. The child ends up building his or her own collection of animals, thereby encouraging them to strive forward and see how far they've already come.

What it does

After a major treatment (chemotherapy, surgery, etc), the doctor logs into Courage Animals system, activates a 3D animal, assigns a code and prints that 3D animal which will contain that code and give to the patient. By submitting the code, the patient acquires an interactive 3D animal. The patients collect these animals, and eventually build up their own farm. They learn facts about the animals they acquire after each treatment and remind themselves how far they've come and encourages them to keep going.

How we built it

We used Maya to design, color and prepare the 3D models of the animals. Then we converted it to 'obj' and 'mtl ' formats to import to three.js. On the other side, we leveraged the React framework and used it with a MongoDB database for our app.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into issues in making three.js and leap motion work together

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Use maya to make and color animals Successfully import and move models and textures to three.js Be able to integrate leap motion

What we learned

Lots threejs and how to use leapmotion

What's next for Courage Animals

have hospitals integrate Courage Animals with their patients. animate those animals be able to make a collection reward system for kids get grants maybe will also consider add audio or video playlists after interactive with the animals

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