Many of us like to draw o sketch, but no each over can draw something with what he will satisfied. Idea here is to create a drawing app what will help to user to do something he will like with just few strokes.

What it does

Application utilizes procedural drawing algorithms plus symmetry tools to let user to quickly draw something really nice looking.

How I built it

It was originally written with HTML5 and JScript and next ported to Windows store app, now it using WinJS APIs to support Windows features + multitouch.

Challenges I ran into

Performance was a big challenge, each stroke involves intensive calculations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Windows and HTML5 version very popular now (> 250K), users likes it and i got a lot of positive feedbacks. Realy like to see what something i did are demanded by peoples.

What I learned

Like what you do and another peoples will like it too.

What's next for InspirARTion

We are working on new UIs, trying to make it simpler, more clear

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