Inspiration ⭐

We found that the pay gap between men and women causes setbacks in many women´s careers. When women and minorities are hit the hardest, they´re less likely to obtain a raise, a promotion, or even a job.

This issue begins early on, even from the first years in a classroom. That is what InspiHER aims to solve - we want to combat the education gap through female empowerment and inclusivity. Representation is key, as encouraging people from diverse backgrounds to be involved in STEM creates more opportunities and lights the pathway for future leaders.

We asked ourselves these questions:

What issues are women and minority facing within the STEM field?
How can we ensure equity within our organization?
What resources do we provide that are different from any other?

We were inspired by Malala Yousafzai, the founder of the Malala Fund, which advocates for policy and framework reforms at the foreign, national, and local levels to ensure that girls have access to a high-quality education. Despite the challenges posed by 2021, we decided to create a free web application that would help young people in achieving gender equality, through improved networking and mentorship opportunities.

Our mission is to educate, empower, and elevate.
We aim to educate by providing engaging learning resources on our website, and posting the most current jobs and internships available. Inclusivity to us also means being able to have fair opportunity on the playing field, which is why we post weekly scholarships for high school students, even providing some of our own sponsored scholarships to our members.

What it does 💻

This website provides links and information towards opportunities and learning resources for everyone. InspiHER connects underrepresented groups such as women and minorities to create a community that fosters innovation within STEM. We hope to provide a forum for everyone, regardless of income and background, to explore, flourish, and discover via inspiHER.

How we built it 🤓

We built the website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and with functionalities from the Bootstrap library.

What challenges did we run into 👷‍♀️

Because we wanted to make the platform responsive on multiple platforms, we had to pick the right coding library, which required our team to do a research. The time zone difference was also an obstacle, but we were able to overcome it by careful planning, teamwork and effective time management!

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🙌

We hope that we have created an app that will have a significant effect on a large number of people! We also provided links to mental health resources and made engaging content that is easily accessible, taking into account modern issues and creating innovative solutions.

What we learned 🌱

We discovered the importance of working together as a group! Each one of us had different abilities and skills. However, we achieved a lot in a short while! We discovered that there is still much to be done, as we worked on a solution to educational and workforce disparities. We introduced new features in every step of the way, realizing how much more we could contribute. We also got to know each other a lot better as a result of the hackathon, and were glad to work as a team!

What's next for InspiHER ✨

Believe it or not, many wonderful things are on the way. We want to expand the web app into a mobile app for both Android and iOS. We aim to improve our forum and engage a larger audience through social media to increase attendance at our webinars and provide educational materials. We will also extend our learning resources to make it accessible from beginners to advanced learners.

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