Inspiration: The Inspiration came from building off ideas. We wanted to create something that could transform and have a dual purpose. After the first day we did not have any idea what we were going to build. We decided to build off our strengths of merchandising and design and create a garment that a wide audience could use.

What it does: This jacket can act as a coat or a purse. There are handles built into the fabric to convert to a purse.

How I built it: First we created a pattern for the jacket and a replica of what it would look like. After we did that we started to cut the pieces out of the lining. Then we cut the pieces out of the outer fabric. We then did a lot of sewing and also created a 3D printed button. After assembling our garment and adding all of the pockets and zippers, we added the embellishments and handles.

Challenges I ran into: We ran into a couple challenges at the beginning. The first challenge we ran into was finding a group. The next challenge that we ran into was finding an idea that we could create.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We are very proud of our idea to convert a coat into a purse. We are proud that we made it to the final stages of the hackathon.

We Learned: We learned how to work in a team of people whom you have never met. We also learned how to create an idea from scratch and build off everyone's designs and ideas.

Built With

  • 3d-printing
  • draping
  • laser-cutting
  • sewing
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