We were looking for a way to trade our digital collectibles. Collectibles on the market were on websites that looked like they would scam you, with no real guarantee that you would get the item once you made your purchase. Currently, the Steam market places 7 day holds on trades for in game items. We hope to make trading safer and more efficient by tokenizing our in game items, and allowing users to trade with ease.

What it does

InspectBlock contains various collectibles for a user to browse, or search for using the Algolia Instant Search and its API. The user selects the items in their inventory to be tokenized, enabling it for trade on the site and other ERC721 compliant dApps. After a successful resolve, the item is marked claimed and added to a table of recent transactions.

How we built it

InspectBlock began with a tutorial to get an application connected to the Ethereum network. This includes the use developing smart contracts, the web3.js api, and the truffle suite. Then, we began to style the app and added javascript to perform functions.

Challenges we ran into

We had difficulty writing most of the javascript because that is a language completely new to all of us. Before we realized what the page was going to be written in, some time spent was using the Algolia API in React, however that had to be scraped.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have an application successfully connect to the Ethereum network, successfully log and make a purchase, and implement a search engine that works with our products.

What we learned

We learned that a web application can be built in 36 hours or less and we can teach ourselves quite a bit in the development process

What's next for InspectBlock

Finally, we plan to improve the contracts for use with the ERC721 token including various security bugs, and add EIP165 standard functions.

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