What Inspirired me

I went for an exam a certain day, way far from home. That day was a stressful and really annoying day. Then the exam, it came to me, why can't I write the exam at home and not waste transport to go that far? then that was the conceiving of the idea.

What it does

Inspect is a secured and comfortable revolutionary exam app for schools conducting student exams. It helps students far and near to effortlessly take exams in their comfort zone, anywhere and everywhere. The school's admins, teacher or anyone assigned for the examination inspection ( Inspectors ) will be able to watch the student while writing the exam.

How we built it

It was on this hackathon that I saw an awesome team that helped me to accomplish this outstanding idea.

Challenges we ran into

This wasn't easy because I had to do some testing and I and my team were far away from each other, but with the help of technologies, we conquered all the challenges and difficulties.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of my team and my team I, we are so happy that we could be able to finish this revolutionary app for demo.

What we learned

I have learned a lot through the duration of this project, but what I learn most is, working with a team is a lot more fun, helpful, stress releasing and full of hope than working all alone.

What's next for Inspect

By the Grace of God, we win the Educational Category of this Hackathon (Naijahacks2019) and get funded, we will make sure the best version of Inspect will be used all over Africa as the Official local and international online examination portal.

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