‘Dark patterns’ have recently taken the marketing world by storm. According to a study done by Princeton University researchers, dark patterns are “computer interfaces that have been crafted to trick users into doing things they didn’t mean to.” tl;dr: Online stores often use dishonest methods to trick honest buyers like us. Insite is here to change that.
If you’re interested in becoming a savvier online shopper, check out Created by the man who coined the term ‘dark patterns,’ the site will teach you how to recognize the different kinds of dark patterns you may encounter when you shop online.

What it does

Insite is a free-to-use Chrome extension that offers unparalleled accuracy in finding dark patterns, with an intuitive and user-friendly design. Once the extension is downloaded, you can run an in-depth site analysis by clicking the Insite logo in the upper right corner and pressing the ‘Analyze Site’ button. Any dark patterns on the site will automatically be highlighted for user convenience.

How we built it

From the front-end, we used JS to create a Chrome extension. From the back-end, we used a Flask server with an implementation of a Bernoulli Naive Hayes ML model to create classifier algorithms. To train these algorithms, we used datasets from Princeton University researchers along with our own manually annotated datasets.

Challenges we ran into

Although high school prepared us for long periods of sleep deprivation, we found it difficult to stay sane during the wee hours of the early mornings. Whatever. Our mental health was already down the drain. Some of our competitors also thought it would be a fantastic idea to roleplay a declassified conversation between Donald Trump and the president of Ukraine at 4 AM. Many aspirins were needed. On a more positive note, we’d like to thank the event supervisor and savior that brought us Oreos at 5 AM.
Our biggest issue was trying to connect the back-end to the front-end. None of us had much experience with the Flask library, but we managed to pull through and create a fully functional extension. In the end, we can all agree that StackOverflow saved us from imminent destruction.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Hour 0 - Hackathon begins at Saturday noon. We’re off to great things.
Hour 1 - Group agrees on dark patterns idea after talking to event supervisors.
Hour 6 - First classifier working! Our framework is ready to categorize dark patterns by type. After dataset training, we correctly classify 94% of a website’s dark patterns on our first try. Beginner’s luck or actual skill?
Hour 13 - Second classifier working! Our algorithm can now scrape website content for dark patterns with a 97% accuracy.
Hour 20 - After 7 hours (no cap) of work and more work, we finally succeed in connecting our front-end and back-end. Our extension is practically ready to be deployed at this point.
Hour 23 - A restless night turns into a restless morning as we practice presenting our project.
Hour 24 - Laptops down! Our project is complete and we’re excited to show the judges what we’ve accomplished over the past 24 hours.

What we learned

Since we've never been to a hackathon before, we learned to collaborate as a team and to assign responsibilities to each other. We also learned that when there's a time crunch, sleep quickly becomes a secondary priority.

What's next for Insite.

Insite is and will always be a work in progress. That means we’ll be constantly improving user functionality to ensure that our users stay one step ahead of sellers. We’re open to suggestions, too. Feel free to drop some ideas using this Google Form.

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