INSITE: A mental health tool recreating your on-campus social experience at home.

Social isolation is extremely damaging to mental health and general wellbeing. Around 50% of Americans report feeling alone on a regular basis. Due to COVID-19, there are over 290 million students currently out of school and facing the risk of declining mental health.

Insite solves this problem by recreating your on-campus social experience at home.

Through interactive 2D environments, Insite recreates the experience of running into friends in a simple virtual campus, workplace, or common area. Spontaneous video chats happen, rather than pre-arranged virtual meetings. There is no technological or cost barrier and Insite is accessible by all students.

How it works

Users join their respective virtual communities where moderators can self design maps that are specifically attuned to their needs. Users are able to move around their virtual space and interact with fellow members through our wave, video chat and chat room features. Users can join public conversations and see what their friends are up to and who they are talking with. Insite encourages interactions unlike traditional passive social media.

What's next for Insite

Due to the sudden inability of high school students to attend admit weekend, the Insite team is currently tailoring our platform to accommodate virtual admit gatherings. We are also in the midst of setting up virtual career fairs on our platform which would help employers and potential employees affected by the pandemic. Eventually we aim to provide virtual amenities on demand so workplaces and campuses alike can more easily onboard virtual personal trainers and therapists with ease without breaking the bank.

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