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Humans are spatial and social creatures. As remote work and physical distancing become realities for a skyrocketing number of people, employers and employees are struggling to transition to a fully online platform.

There are over 50 million individuals in the U.S. and Canada working from home at least sometimes with 8 million of those working remotely full time. Existing remote work solutions such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Asana, and Tandem use a dizzying number of lists, tabs, and more lists. But these dry, simplistic, list-based platforms can never fully encapsulate the dynamic working environment of physical office space.

The key to developing a healthy, collaborative, and productive office is not a list, but rather custom interactive maps. Moreover, the key to fostering a vibrant and inclusive working culture online is not by having tabs upon tabs of video chat rooms, but through spontaneous virtual interactions.

Insite seeks to bring the same energy and culture of working in a physical office space to the remote working community so that remote teams can stay connected and be more productive.

How Insite Works

Insite is a virtual office space that allows teams to recreate the experience of collaborating in person through spontaneous conversations, interactive maps, and virtual amenities.

Insite allows users to engage in spontaneous conversations based upon one’s virtual proximity to colleagues in a custom virtual workplace that is infinitely modifiable and expandable. This proves useful in both everyday office, social event settings as well as large conferences, a testament to Insite’s flexibility which is unrivaled amongst other work from home competitors.

When zoomed out, the platform allows you to see the entire workplace and what everyone is doing and who they are talking to. Using the sidebar or map, users can quickly send messages and files and initiate group or private video chats.

To improve productivity beyond merely sharing screens, Insite’s integrations with other apps allow multiple users to view and simultaneously work on the same document, Figma-style.

The Insite map is also customizable for each employee, giving them a personalizable office space with widgets of their most useful apps, and even the option to have an AI-powered bot to provide reminders and mturk-like services if requested through our amenity marketplace. One’s personal virtual office acts as an enterprise app store, allowing companies to seamlessly weave Insite in with their existing services.

Insite’s amenities are what truly set it apart from the flurry of virtual office solutions currently on the market. Teams can currently purchase subscriptions to a diverse array of amenities which currently include virtual fitness classes, telehealth services, IT support as well as on-demand personal assistants that can help with a wide array of tasks such as data labeling, phone calling, research and more. Our amenity marketplace allows even small teams to enjoy the same luxuries and benefits such as fitness, health, and passion classes that were previously reserved for large corporations only. We are in the process of building functionality for live art, dance, cooking, beauty, and coding classes which are among the most popular services driving the rapidly growing passion economy.

On the employer side, Insite’s data analytics engine will let employers rapidly test changes in team structure as well as monitor employee needs and productivity in order to increase transparency within remote teams.

What's next for Insite

By continuing to add functionality for an increasing amount of virtual amenities (live art, dance, cooking, beauty and coding classes, etc.), Insite seeks to create the much-needed marketplace for the blossoming passion economy. This allows small startups to offer the same luxury benefits larger companies have enjoyed for years at a considerably cheaper price point which will help them recruit talent that would otherwise be lost to more established companies.

Our ultimate goal is to allow individuals to create fully remote companies with a click of a button. Our multitude of app integrations will allow employers to seamlessly weave insite in with the plethora of other apps they use (hiring, HR, legal, product development software, etc.). Our goal is to abstract the entire process of remote team formation which would include hiring, operations, legal, and engineering services among others. The future of work is remote and Insite seeks to be the foundation upon which the next great companies are formed.

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