Meta Augmented Reality is a cutting edge technology that we were really excited to hack on because practically anything we created would be new! We envisioned a holographic workspace that can be established anywhere with a desk and other surrounding floating panels and applications. We were particularly interested in how augmented reality could combine the intuitiveness of note-taking on physical paper with the benefits of technology, such as storage convenience, improved collaboration, and waste reduction. We imagined someone would be able to interact with the InSite workspace by grabbing and dragging applications to different planes or tossing them over their shoulder to close them. We even implemented a functionality that allows a real eraser to be used to erase in the holographic note-taking/drawing panel. InSite is also connected through the cloud to an Android app that gives the user or a collaborator access to view and edit all the pages created within the holographic workspace and updated in real time on both ends. One of the major challenges we faced in this project was the inaccuracy of the Meta prototype's tracking, a factor that fortunately promises to be greatly improved with future models.

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