As a group of students who attend a lot of events and are caught networking in the strangest of places, we wanted to make something reliable that we could use at a moments notice. Business cards can run out. Paper and pens can be scarce. Typing up emails can be long and tedious. With Insignio it's impossible to run out of business cards at the most unfortunate of times. It's reliable, secure and simple.

What it does

Conferences. Hackathons. Meetups. There are so many events to attend and so many people to meet. Insignio is here to help make lasting connections with the people you care about. Build your social network at your own pace. Quickly scan your new friend's QR Code and add them to your social networks on your own time after the event.

How we built it

Built in Android Studio, this app uses QR codes to transmit user's profiles. We created a method that allows lots of information to be sent using multiple flashing QR codes. The user's accounts are stored locally in a JSON files.

Challenges we ran into

Adding LinkedIn presented its own set of challenges. We decided to keep it simple for the prototype and add more social networking sites if we had time. We also wanted to use multiple QR Codes to send data between users and getting this to work was an interesting experience. Currently we are working on this and have attempted to use ImageViews and gifs. Stay tuned...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The super awesome name and logo
  • Our impressively secure solution
  • That we made something we will use on a regular basis and can promote to other students

What we learned

  • How to make an Android app! (three of our members have never made an app before)
  • Generating and decoding QR Codes (this was new for all of us)
  • How to use GitHub
  • Working on a group project with new friends!

What's next for Insignio

We would like to polish up our app and ensure it has a smooth and intuitive interface. Insignio will also allow users to choose what information they would like to share (including LinkedIn, GitHub, etc). We would also like to add a "People You've Met" section where users can go to actually connect with people on social media. Once we have all of this we would like to collaborate with conferences and hackathons to advertise our app as well as include a "Places You've Been" which could have competitive aspects (ex: Most Connections Made) which would encourage meeting new people.

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