The Inspiration to InsightsFX was our sheer interest in the successful implementation of the Smart Citizen program in Barcelona that helped bring down pollution levels effectively. This motivated us to create a better system here in our country as well especially in New Delhi.

What it does

InsightsFX an air pollution data visualization system that gives the power of change back to the people. It is a platform for social participatory processes in urban areas. Connecting data, people and insights. Core objective - serve as a node for building productive and open indicators, and distributed tools, bringing the pollution levels down of the city for and by its own inhabitants.

How we built it

  • Accumulated data from different sources such as via REST APIs. The data was updated every hour, hence we used scheduled jobs to fetch on an hourly basis.
  • The data was then segregated and stored in the database. We currently stored only two major pollutants PM2.5 and PM10.
  • Visualization of data was done in various methods including Maps powered by MapMyIndia, Charts powered by ChartsJS and Tabular Representations.
  • We also used Azure Cloud VMs and Azure Machine Learning Studio for deploying and processing/predicting the dataset acquired from various sources.

Challenges we ran into

  • Datasets provided by the private sources were not available for the particular pollutants that we wished to use in our implementation and was rather provided in an integrated format, which wasn't particularly helpful for our use case.
  • Data gathered by different governmental sources was available in varied formats which had to be normalized before being used.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were able to successfully deploy and test the application along with plotting maps and graphs for the data obtained from the governmental sources. We also networked with experienced mentors and learned a lot in the fruitful process.

What we learned

  • We learned how to use Microsoft Azure Cloud services, working with Open Data made Available by Govt. Of India under Digital India Initiative. Along with this using services, like MapMyIndia that support made in India.

What's next for InsightsFX

  • Collaboration with Air Purifier Service Providers
  • Real Estate ratings on the basis of air quality of area under consideration.
  • Inculcating season-based analysis and predicting air quality value on the collected data.

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