The world of radiology is vast, but MRI scans hold a unique place in detecting deep-rooted anomalies, particularly tumors. We noticed that while advancements were being made in medical technology, the precise detection of tumors in MRI scans still posed challenges. "InsightIon" was born out of a desire to harness the power of AI to assist radiologists in pinpointing these tumors in real-time, elevating the standard of patient care.

What it does

InsightIon focuses exclusively on MRI scans. By integrating AI, it can segment and identify tumors in real-time, providing immediate feedback to radiologists during the scanning process. This prompt recognition ensures that potential concerns are immediately addressed, leading to faster diagnoses and better patient outcomes.

How we built it

Using Python and the PyTorch framework, we trained our AI model on a vast collection of MRI scans, teaching it to recognize and segment tumors with high precision. This model was then incorporated into a responsive interface that integrates smoothly with MRI systems.

Challenges we ran into

Acquiring a substantial and diverse dataset of MRI scans, especially those with rare tumor types, was challenging. Balancing the trade-offs between real-time performance and model accuracy while ensuring minimal false positives also posed hurdles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

InsightIon's model outperformed many existing solutions in tumor detection accuracy in MRI scans. Our pilot implementation in select hospitals led to an appreciable reduction in diagnosis time, garnering positive feedback from radiology experts.

What we learned

Narrowing our focus to MRI scans allowed us to dive deep into the intricacies of tumor detection. We learned the immense value of specialized solutions in healthcare and recognized the importance of collaborative feedback in refining our AI model.

What's next for InsightIon

While MRI tumor detection is our current stronghold, we aim to expand InsightIon's capabilities to other medical imaging types. By continuously enriching our model with global MRI datasets, we aspire to detect even the rarest tumor types. Our ultimate goal is to make InsightIon an indispensable assistant for radiologists worldwide.

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