Sometimes we want to search songs/books/articles that contain certain themes or meaning in them but current tools only allow exact word matching.

What it does

The app allows users to search for songs with lyrics that have the meaning similar to their text input.

How we built it

For backend, we used Node.js and for for front-end we used React.js. Lyrics search functionality was implemented using Musixmatch's API and song playing is by using Spotify (Users have to log in with their Spotify account).

For the search algorithm, we used the NLP algorithm GloVe through the gensim libraryand optimized it using a heuristic approach.

Challenges we ran into

Solidifying the project idea - we want to use machine learning and something with music but we needed to brainstorm to finalize what we novel contribution we can make.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First time learning to use Spotify API, creating an NLP model

What we learned

-Utilizing NLP in a real-world application -Optimizing an NLP model

What's next for Insighter Search App

In addition to search by words, users will be able to filter by mood/emotion as well (eg - happy, sad)

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