It was during the covid situation that we understood the grave importance of mental health and well being. So to help people who are feeling low or going through any kind of emotional trauma we decided to create a website that would help them.

What it does

Our website fixes up our user for an appointment with a professional who can help them through whatever internal dilemma they might be facing. We also give some refreshing suggestions for stress bursting.

How we built it

We have used the bootstrap, CSS and HTML for creating the website

Challenges we ran into

During the actual creation of our website we realised that our UI was quite basic and hence tried to improve our final website by making the needful changes

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was a satisfying experience to know that our project, even at a minimum level, works for the importance mental health.

What we learned

We explored the greater depths of web dev field and also learnt how to use an AI application.

What's next for Insight

We are an organization that works for the care of mental health, so we would obviously like as many people to come in contact with us and benefit from the resources that we offer

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