InSight - Empowering The UnderPrivileged

Inspiration for Insight

  • Prompt for this week's Hackathon was to empower learning so we decided to come up with a platform where we can help underprivileged and people who like retired professor that wanna teach to come together
  • As a personal experience when we went out to teach the underprivileged through NGO we realised that these kids needed time and proper teachers to clear basic concepts

What is Insight

  • It is a platform where retired professors and teachers or anybody who wanna teach anything can come, make videos and get a community together
  • The vision is to make education available to everyone , as well as engage retired teachers such that these teachers can continue their noble through a medium that can provide education to the underprivileged and that to in any part of the
  • Further this application is not limited to children only , underprivileged adults can also take advantage of it .After all one can never learn everything as what we know is a drop of water in a big ocean

What InSight Does for Teacher

  • It helps Creator to upload videos ,realise announcements and announce notes
  • It helps them have discussions and argument
  • A creator can choose anything to teach from how to do derivatives to how to play cricket or how to speak spanish
  • We made sure to make UI user-friendly for the creators

What it does for an Aspirant

  • Anybody can login and watch video or get notes from a their favourite creators
  • They can complete their long wishlist of the stuff that they wanna learn
  • One can never learn everything, We wanna learn everything we can

How We Built It

  • We started by creating the flowchart of the project to setup the flow of the project and divide the work between us
  • Frontend was made by using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap to make it look responsive and attractive
  • Backend was made by using a python module Django and authentication was done using Django-Auth

Challenges We Ran Into

  • There were obviously CSS Bugs like any other project. Also we faced problem using django like every project

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are happy that we were able to make a really interactive and attractive website which contains various features that help will help everyone
  • We hope to make the Education Universal and accessible to everyone

alt text for screen readers

What's Next for InSight

  • We hope to increase our content creator base
  • Create more sections for our sight
  • Create an Android and ios app to widen our reach

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