Being student volunteers in a Romanian 3D-Printing Hub, team members of INSIDER noticed on social media platforms the need of materials a lot of people are asking for, in order to help out the production of face shields for doctors, from home. For example, some people are able to 3D-print the frame, but do not have the attachable PVC foil or the UV lamp needed to sterilise the home-made product.

Not only in the COVID-19 situation, the team members of INSIDER noticed the lack of communication between national institutions and the rest of the people. Youngsters and adults together may have a bold ambition to help with everything is possible, but they do not know where or how to do it.

In the same way, institutions, at the moment, can reach a limited number of organisations prepared into the specific areas of trouble they encounter.

What if everybody can actually help out?

During the pandemic context, people all over the world developed a strong feeling of unity and love towards each other. We want to feel we can make a change for the better future, that our actions matter. Skills and once simple caring actions are now more valuated that ever: blood donating, volunteering, fundraising, 3D printing skills, and the list can go on.

It is time to facilitate the communication between the giver (helper) and the needer.

What it does

The pandemic caused plenty of unwanted and never seen before issues in the medical systems, also a wide economical crisis. We want to get inside the problems and close the gap between people and public organisations.

As a response to this lack of communication between hospitals and people eager to help, we propose the idea of a platform that helps hospitals to submit the needs they have and the quality standards for the products, to give people proper insights and valuable information, in order to facilitate the process. We are connecting volunteers with local volunteering associations and hospitals, in order to form a better connection between community and institutions.

Digital life blooms as we speak, and it stands in our hands to make it reachable to everybody. INSIDER works as an easing platform where volunteers can connect with the people that need help for combating the COVID-19, in a more effective and efficient manner.

INSIDER’s main functions are:

1. Donate

Implementing a Donation function is crucial for boosting the entrepreneurship level in the European countries. People are able to support with personal financiar funds:

-the medical problems listed on the website,

-the technical implementation of useful products needed in the medical sector,

-the project plan submitted for a brand new innovative idea in order to help in the COVID-19 fight or other,

-improvement of the public or private medical institutions conditions,

-boost the research and development of new treatments or medical products.

Special badges will be displayed to let people know which one is already a trustworthy institution or volunteer (manufacturer).

2. Volunteer

The Volunteer icon will connect people with hospitals and local associations, to see available workplaces where help is needed at the time. Options on the website consist of:

-Manpower (example: assemble face shields for doctors),

-Products (example: supplies to a hospital from your city, country or abroad),

-Services, provided to help the logistics (example: making 3D designs for a new 3D printed valve for a respirator, transport protection equipment with their personal car)

3. Emergencies

Emergencies can become the link to the outside environment, presenting, with a constant update of data, the national and international evolution of the situation in the COVID-19 context. With this information, people can have a proper judgment and source of trusted news and choose where or when to give their help. Top three European countries with more people affected by the virus are, at the moment, Spain, Italy and France, with more than 160.000 cases confirmed.

What is our target user

Direct: Physicians, clinical researchers, Public and Private Hospitals, business managers and associates, volunteers

Indirect: Research institutions, pharmaceutical industry, health organizations

Why should companies use - Minimum Viable Product (company view)

Companies should see INSIDER as a fast action platform over the financial crisis, giving them an opportunity to join forces, as they depend on each other. The win-win situation is possible after signing an official contract, partnership, where we offer them the options to show their services on the website, as they offer discounts and offers to the users. For example, companies as UberEats or Glovo can give discounts on meals under conditions and link local SMEs to citizens, on the INSIDER platform. Indeed, customers are entering into a loyalty process, for a long term.

SMEs can gain a better support and visibility over the world, reaching a new perspective of development and distribution. This can lead to creating new job opportunities, instead of reducing them, and also, added value to their Corporate Social Responsibility.

For a legal and confirmed collaboration, we ask for the documents of the enterprise and proof they match the conditions and values of INSIDER, in order to be verified before entering the platform.

Why should potential hospitals use - Minimum Viable Product (hospital view)

Medical institutions, public or private hospital are the key entity in the INSIDER idea. We focus on their needs and offer help in a valuable way. INSIDER helps the public image of the institution and facilitates the communication. They need to register on the platform with a more strict verification, providing legal documents, in order to be checked official on INSIDER. They can list their needs in order to receive help from volunteers or start a fundraising campaign.

Why should potential volunteers/users use - Minimum Viable Product (user view)

Volunteers aimed to join INSIDER have at their disposal national and international opportunities to offer their time, skills and resources for fighting the pandemic environment.

They have many options to explore and to reach out to the world, by using the main functions of INSIDER. They can exchange assets directly in order to:

  • Give know-how, assist and support individuals’ operations and activities;

  • Provide materials, financial funds, essential products (masks, protection equipment etc.)

  • Donate blood;

  • Receive valuable information about the emergencies, most affected areas;

  • Volunteer in different aspects, as: driver, courier, 3D Print Operator.

  • Start his/her own campaign and raise funds

For every activity, they can benefit from the discounts and offers made available by the companies on the INSIDER website.

INSIDER encourages volunteering activities made at home during hard times and lockdowns, but also care about the legal terms. People are asked to create an account, fill the basic personal information (name, email), which is stored on the INSIDER private data-base. They are informed they need to sign a statement on own responsibility that they are not infected with any contagious disease (they are going to inform us if there are any changes) and they do not have a criminal record, informing them about the legal consequences of false in declaration. A two-steps verification is possible by using a QR code, in order to keep track of every well-intended delivery and to assign InsidePoints.

Money based activities will happen with an secure European online payment solution, such as PayCEC.


Volunteers that join INSIDER and accomplish tasks active on the platform, can receive, apart for the amazing feeling of belonging and usefulness, InsidePoints, in order to get a higher rank in the National and European Ranking of Volunteers. To maximize the success, we introduce local businesses in the gamification system, which enables volunteers to redeem discounts of different kinds.


Romanian Market Segment Size looks promising, as following, these numbers were provided from government statistics websites.

Romania Population: 19.360.076

Romanian population of 15-54 years: 56.56% = 12.136.630

72.4% of Romanian homes have Internet access

12.136.630 x 72.4% = 8.786.920,12 potential users of INSIDER

Number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): 485.757

75% of Romanian SMEs have an online presence

485.757 x 75% = 364.317,75 potential SMEs that would join INSIDER

Number of hospitals in Romania: 658 that would benefit from outside help

With this model, we can join and attract users from every European country, INSIDER being a worldwide solution idea.

How we built it

INSIDER is built as a user centered platform and we analysed the needs in this context to deliver a product that fits for all hospitals and volunteers in Europe. The keywords were: simplicity, fast solutions, security and collaboration.

INSIDER team is using Django Web Framework to build the website, with the SQLITE3 Database. We chose Django for its advantages, such as simplicity, flexibility, reliability and scalability. Front-End will be built using Bootstrap. The UI was created in Adobe Illustrator, using simple shapes and functions and light, but warm colors. The demo is made using Adobe XD's prototype function.

We started on 24th of April from scratch and over the weekend we worked hard to obtain an innovative volunteering platform, whose main goal is help institutions and individuals fight the crisis.

The main work packages were:

1. Design

2. Code

3. Management

The management used Analytical Tools offered by Google (for example, Google forms for testing the idea with real users). GDPR generators were a real help in the legal part of our application. Having a finance-oriented member, INSIDERs tested the feasibility of the idea, creating as well a Business Model Canvas.

Importantly, we bulit it with the help and coordination of our mentors over the Slack app powered by EUvsVirus organisation team.

Challenges we ran into

  • Formulating the idea of INSIDER, adaptable to work as well as a day-by-day platform and also especially, during any pandemics in the future such as the current COVID-19;

  • Reaching common sense in between members of the INSIDER team, after brainstorming sessions;

  • Reaching the potential target group to get better knowledge about the applicability in real life situations and design concepts;

  • Searching for valuable and trusted research documents over the topics of matter;

  • Study if our idea is important for the European Union

  • How can we make money out of it?

Accomplishments that we're proud of


  • Clean and intuitive expression;

  • User-friendly and accesible platform;

  • Refine design of the web view, logo and prototype;

  • Defined prototype for user testing and preparations for implementation;


  • Creating an prototype of an innovative website in a short time, building our vision;

  • Used Django Web Framework to build the website, with the SQLITE3 Database;

Business model and organisation:

  • Introducing the gamification system and the National and European Classament are key concepts, making it possible for us to scale the effectiveness of the app and also the fidelity of the users;

  • Respecting Corporate Social Responsability values, generating a succesful business plan;

  • Improving the idea of continual use of resources and waste elimination among the world, promoting the circular economy theory;

  • Creating new job opportunities in communities, helping the businesses grow altogether;

  • Creating a european crowdfunding platform to boost entrepreneurship among european states

  • Generate income for the European Union from commissions and jobs we created

What we learned

· INSIDER needs more than 48 hours to reach its high level of utility;

· The work can be improved by a face-to-face interaction, when available;

· Deadlines and constant feedback are important;

· We aim to minimize the risks and costs of the business;

What's next for Insider

Phase one - Finish the prototype

  • Launch a website for a fast growing community and fast delivery to market

  • User testing on the field, validate what we did - tweak if is necessary

  • Start to make collaborations with key economical partners (PayCEC)

  • Management and administration: creating a company and recruit staff, finance the company’s first step by EU funds

Phase two- Pre launch

  • Branding & marketing development, get website running

  • Start developing Android and iOS apps to reach as many volunteers as possible and add more mobility

  • Initiate collaborations with community stakeholders to reach individuals in non- risk groups. (e.g. 18- 45 y/o users that we can reach and volunteer and have a low risk to develop complications from the virus etc.)

  • Influencer collaborations with target groups, potential heros and hospitals in need of their help.

  • Prepare to enter in the European Market

Go to market execution

  • Starting with markets where the virus is spreading rapidly in Europe

  • We will try to make more efficient the linking process of volunteers with hospitals

  • The application will reduce the time hospitals need to talk with volunteers to describe with what they can help

  • We expect a big social awareness for people of all ages

  • Analyse possibilities to enter on the global market to generate revenue to the EU from other states

INSIDER has a great future potential to be used by a lot of people globally not only on the European space. INSIDER will be a revenue and workplaces generator for the EU through his crowdfunding function and partnership with EU businesses.

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