Waking up at night with cold sweats knowing that our HR colleagues are having a difficult time finding suitable candidates. We automatically ban chair-related activities that we detect on user profiles. On a serious note, we think that it's a cool idea to give people the chance for an objective opinion about their virtual profiles.

How we built it and what it does

Technologies used:

  • Symfony v3.3.10, PHP v7.1.10, Bootstrap v4
  • Facebook Graph SDK
  • Translation API (Google Cloud)
  • Clarifai AI
  • Personality Insights (IBM Watson).

Insider extracts data(photos and posts) from user's facebook profile (using his permission, ofc). Posts are then translated to english using the Translation API (Google Cloud) and tags are extracted from pictures using Clarifai AI. The data that has been gathered is fed to the Personality Insights service (IBM Watson) for personality predictions. Processed data is then neatly displayed on 3 sections: intermediary photo interpretation and post translation, nested graphs and our crown jewel, personality insights chart, which is a gorgeous multi-level pie chart (sunburst).

Challenges we ran into

Facebook doesn't provider user data that easily. Next time we'll even sacrifice a goat, maybe that will speed up the process. We ran out of credentials quickly since the free versions of the APIs we used are pretty volume-limited. Sunburst graph was not that easy to render and neither were the rest of the personality-related sentences. Scalability issues when fetching data from profiles that had a big number of posts and/or pictures.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What have we learned

Plan better ahead of the event. Pulling all-nighters are harder as we grow older.

What's next for Insider

Giving users the option to submit any text for processing is a near future goal. Integration with other social platforms (Twitter, Linkedin) and mailing services.

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