In today’s world when technology is helping us every day in the majority of our daily tasks. But unfortunately, it is still not able to help us in a healing environment. The world needs to plant more and more trees. But there is no sign of technology actually simplifying the plant caring stress and motivate us to keep planting trees.


While the majority of us aware of the benefits and importance of plants and want to have some at our home as well for good vibes and a fresh environment but we are so trapped in our busy live that taking care of plants seems like extra work to add to our daily busy schedule. Also, It is seen that we often lose motivation to keep caring for our home plants. Sometimes even if look after a plant properly, it dies. Because of lack of Proper knowledge in us.


InsidePlant is a mobile app that helps users in taking care of plants. It has the ability to make users tension-free by taking charge of plants on themselves. It notifies the user when, why, what to give to the plant, and for each fulfillment, the User will be rewarded with some in-app points. In-app points can be exchanged for various gift cards, cash cards, etc. And hence by these incentives making the user feel more motivated towards their plants. It also educates users about a lot of things related to their plants, so they don't end up killing their plants. There is a Community as well to help with any questions users have regarding plants.

Challenges we ran into

The ideas were very vast but time was the main constraint.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I made the prototype completely interactive without using any other software other than Figma. EVERYTHING IS BUILT INSIDE FIGMA.

What we learned

Learned about plants and their caring instructions. How to create an impressive gamified experience.

What's next for InsidePlant

Full execution to the Mobile app.

Built With

  • figma
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